I'm a 17 year old girl who collects comic books and plays video games. I am single.

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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories.

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Covers for Green Lantern #9.

#in cost cities day in Gothams night no Grundy shall escape my sight let those who worship darksides might beware my batterang green lanterns light

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Another video from my super cool, youtube friend, GolphFok. Go watch it and subscribe to her! Leave a like even!

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inspector-green asked: Happy Birthday man! :33


Anonymous asked: Hi and happy birthday! Hope you feel better soon and know that I care. Eat something nice and look forward to a better birthday next year. Sorry, I'm really bad with this kind of thing but I don't want you to be sad. Happy birthday <3

Awe thankyou!

Even my brother forgot about my birthday
Spent a lot of it alone
Nothing changes