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I'm a 17 year old girl who collects comic books and plays video games. I am single.

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"Do not think this ends here…  The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"

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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

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Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this

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Selfie time 

Finally got a necklace with my name on ;)

World’s Finest #204, August 1971.  Cover by Neal Adams.
Superman and a de-powered WW end up flung into a post-apocalyptic future, but the real interesting bit here is that the story begins when Clark Kent and Diana Prince are paired up by a computer dating service …

Bare Knuckle Boxing
By Rory Decker
Oh, that doesn’t do them justice by a long road.

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The Battle of the Five Armies Teaser Trailer - First Look

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Leave a word, any word, inside my ask box, and I will tell you a fact about myself relating to that word.

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Star Wars x Marvel comics announced at San Diego Comic Con!

Jason Aaron and John Cassaday talk all about their new ongoing Star Wars series, coming in January 2015:

Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca take on #StarWars: Darth Vader in February 2015:  

Mark Waid and Terry Dodson speak on their Star Wars: Princess Leia limited series coming in March 2015:

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My Neighbour Totoro in Pixel Art

Created by Richard J. Evans



Metroid cuties (NES versions)